Superhero #92r

by jha on 07/8/2013

My dear mulberry dancer,

Thank God you aren’t a superhero and there’s no corresponding vacancy in the Trinity. The world has more than enough megalomaniacs making a mess today.

I discovered this morning that there was a post and a corresponding “r” exactly one year ago.  Went to read them and then realized that my dad was also baptised exactly a year ago. I already know today’s been 2 months since mom’s promotion, so all these things converging and adding up is giving me goosebumps and making me a tad melancholic. -.-“

Okay, I know you may not be expecting an “r” but I’m still going ahead with one because every post deserves a response, if I can help it. You said a year ago that

  1. I am afraid of…
  2. I am overly concerned about…
  3. I am too uptight over…

One year later and you’re still afraid, overly concerned and too uptight over things.  Not surprising and it’s not just because you’re a good mulberry dancer. Life, like you so rightly pointed out, is like a cycle. Yes, it looks like dejavue today and it can be tiring and trying. We all need constant reminders with multiple chances and you’re no different.  Whenever you feel like quitting, I’d like to quote what you said in your 7 August 2012 post:

I want to “…assure you that the regime does work. Maybe not at the speed and way you like it to be, it does work because God is not letting me go.”

Thank you for not quitting, kiddo.


As ever,


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