by xi_le on 07/15/2013

Dear Janice,

I guess you don’t expect #93, anyway here it is. I told you I went to work with grappling fear. I do not know what to expect. Everyone wants to move on, but Vstitcher seems to keep holding back all of us.

Fear aside, I was assured God will take care of it all. When will Vs be released? I have no clue. I thought today is DA day, well apparently not. I finally started to head to the conference rm for while to pray during lunch. I am fasting lunch but no one understands why. Everyone is concerned I am not eating, but it’s for a greater cause, no? I don’t know how to explain.

What do I want to say? Hmmm…

Today, insecurities crept in. When I heard Joy & everything else in Hebrews, I reckon someone out there is taking negative about me. My first reaction was to find out the content or defend myself. This is so not healthy, and obviously a lie. Thank God He sent the Holy Spirit to snap me out of this quickly.

I sensed the devil really trying to break the unity among all of us. Maybe we are going through the adapting period after the honeymoon. Maybe I am over sensitive. I don’t know. I wish someone more in tune with God is here, not me.

On the other hand, I am starting to enjoy the fellowship with people from Calvary Chapel. Takako, Gerd, Robin, Priscilla, Bros, and even the 2 kids, I thank God He sent them here. Amazingly, I look forward to the Sat now. I wish you were here to know them.


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