#93r & the Kiddo Turns 4!

by jha on 07/15/2013

Dear Joy,

Lousy track record aside, I had a hunch there would be a post today. For once, I got it right!  Thrilled to know you’re finally connecting and enjoy connecting with friends in church. I may not have met them, but I feel like I already know them. Thank you for sharing.

You’re right about satan wanting to break team unity by casting doubt and rousing insecurities within us to shake our trust in God and in one another.  We’re not fighting against people, but evil forces and mindsets at work.  So your lunchtime prayer and fasting for the team is a very timely move.  Am sure Ah Pa is pleased to take your requests.

Okay, let’s get down to celebrating this day with a super hearty:


Today is really my most favourite day of the year. I love to revisit and recount this memorable day in the opit when you made that decision to leave the trashcan.  I can remember the office layout too.  Marnee Manikam was still sitting upstairs at that time.

Actually, 15 July 2009 by itself wouldn’t have carried so much significance had you not followed through and kept up with the journey inspite of the pain and discomfort.  You are the reason why that day continues to hold so much meaning and magic for me.

Year 4 is basically a year of change.  Top on the list is your move to TLV.  Being away from home, living alone and adapting to a new culture, new language, new work role, new friends, etc. surely isn’t easy.  They say the first 2-3 years is usually the toughest, but once you brave through this rough patch and find your equilibrium, things will definitely get easier.  Another big change is fewer reflection papers.  Although I do miss reading them and getting a fairly comprehensive picture of what you’re facing and thinking, I feel it isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Some level of autonomy is needed to stretch one’s muscles and develop skills.  You have what it takes to make it and are grounded enough to fly solo by now.  As for the level of accountability and its regularity, I’ll let you set the pace and I’ll keep the line open.

Thank you for the tremendous journey these past 4 years, Joy.  It’s been 48 months of tears and thrills, screams and spills!  We’ve had our fair share of heartwarming moments, nasty silent anger and a few mulberry dances along the way. Wouldn’t exchange it for anything else. You’re the only one I’ve ever spent this much time and effort on and you’re by far the best learner I’ve had the privilege to walk with.  Of all the precious lessons I’ve picked up from you, thank you for teaching me what it means to love.  I don’t know what we’ll face in Year 5, but it really doesn’t matter as long as we all keep SLLTT-ing.


As ever,


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