by xi_le on 06/13/2014

Dear Janice,

During lunch one day, D and D commented,

Joy, if a dish comes and its yours, take it first. If there’s a similar one, it will still come

And I replied

I am taught this way (to let others go first).

During meeting one day, I commented,

D, remember you talked about adaptive grid? Maybe we really should look into it.

And she replied

What do you mean we? Why don’t you go try do it?

It made me wonder. I tried with my best efforts to fit in my current location, and I don’t. I wonder if being nice doesn’t quite cut it, hence I shouldn’t be nice.

This week, I received a nasty text from the younger twin to ask me not to complain to my boss and talk to her directly if I have a problem. Today, the older one came back to office and totally changed all the assignments which I discussed and allocated to the ladies.

It made me wonder again. What kind of employee should I be? The one who does what is told period or the one who takes initiative when there is a problem.

If a company is about God, then it’s about people. We grow a person’s character. Is that it? What about professional skills? Critical thinking, leadership, problem solving, customer service. Aren’t we supposed to impart all these too?

So I thank God for G. I met a mentor who taught me selflessly in my work, allowed me to make decisions and support my decisions.

And I thank God for you. You taught and loved me, almost like God in person.

So why is paying it forward so difficult?





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