by xi_le on 08/25/2014

Dear Chloe,

Looking at what we don’t have really eat us up.

I was intending to buy the ticket home and was frustrated over the many alternatives I need to think about in order to get the lowest price. And I asked God why we need to scrimp and save, didn’t you say You provide?

Then I saw your email.  Turn back to Jesus.

You know we are an office of 7 people doing 30 people’s work. Sharon and Lena said rest in The Lord, let God fight the battle, encourage the people with testimonies in Bible. I see the frustration of the people here wanting to do more but so limited human capacity. Everyone is overloaded over the brim. If those who knows God need to learn how to trust and rest in The Lord, what say more who don’t know God.

If we say words alone are insufficient for the poor and needy and hence we are involved in community development, then how about the marketplace ministry? What’s the action we should take, besides walking the walk? I wonder.

Add icing to the cake, the very same ┬ápeople are pushing me to the limits. They just can’t keep their opinions to themselves. Whatever my comments or questions are replied Joy look at the many things we have to do. We need more people. No, it’s not what you think. No this, No that. I wonder how many more days of “Nos” I can tolerate.

So I told God, “I can’t handle Your people.”

God said, “Even Moses can’t handle his own people.” And this morning, He brought me to John 21.

He provides and “do you love me?”

“Feed my sheep”

I am tasked to watch, pray and intercede. Imagine this is what God had intended since I came here and I choose to ignore until recently. To learn to listen to God and pray instead of praying and God listen to me only is a challenge. Still learning in progress to be silent and still before God.

The people we loved (or don’t), the church, the burdens that God placed in our hearts and our lives need prayers and intercession. Through them, we see the hands of God moving and transformation happening.

Keep calm and look upwards, like snoopy.

Thank you for the encouragement, as always.




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  1. 08/25/2014chloe says:

    hey girl,

    i don’t have the answers. i may not understand the exact emotions that you are experiencing but perhaps, we are asking the wrong question.

    We ask
    “How long more?”
    “What more do You want from me?”

    Maybe we are so focused on ourselves and asking these questions that we are missing the point totally.

    Perhaps it is through this season, that we will finally learn to say
    “What do You want me to do while waiting?”
    “What are the things I can praise You for?”
    “It doesn’t matter how long as long as You are with me.”

    My friend shared with me that our black and white theory is kinda like the tree of knowledge of good and evil: we tend to see it in polarity but actually it doesn’t work like that. Remember grey? When we read about Jesus’ short time on earth, there were many instances when He was actually being grey, no?

    we have so many questions, 100001 unanswered questions, questions that are difficult to answer, questions that do not have answers, questions that may not seem fair…

    but the bottom line is, when we do something motivated by LOVE, it will keep us going.

    But if we are motivated by fear or some other thing, perhaps the moving gets stunted and obstructed (maybe cos God want to realign our hearts out of His great love for us?)

    Stay plugged in to the source and let’s continue to fix our eyes on Him, even if we are growing faint, even if we are grumbling under our breath, even if you feel like you cannnot be bothered to open your eyes anymore, even if we don’t feel like dragging our tired and reluctant feet anymore.

    We search for answers, but perhaps we need a fresh baptism of God’s love instead.

    Micah 5:4 (ESV)

    And he shall stand and shepherd his flock in the strength of the Lord,
    in the majesty of the name of the Lord his God.
    And they shall dwell secure, for now he shall be great
    to the ends of the earth.

    Walking and learning with you, as always.

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